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Jörg Prante prante at hbz-nrw.de
Wed Apr 17 15:57:14 CEST 2013


thanks for the invitation to this DINI KIM AG.

My current professional occupation is improving the analysis and
aggregation of library holdings and licenses from union catalogs in
Germany for the Hochschulbibliothekszentrum (hbz) inter library services
group at Cologne.

For this, I have developed the notion of "service descriptors" for
library holdings. Service descriptors extend the concept of ISO 20775
holdings, since they describe material on the owner's shelf, but it
lacks some semantically important aspects, like other access methods or
service conditions and distribution methods for automated processing of
patron-initiated order requests.

Such a library service descriptor consists of the responsible
institution (who offers the service and is responsible for maintaining
it), the supplier (the library that provides the item), the modes of
service, and the item, including the current state of the item and
remote access information to it ("rich" URLs and license codes). A
descriptor model may be formatted using different serializations, XML,

By attaching service descriptors to bibliographic descriptions, it is
possible to aggregate holdings and license information in a more
structured way and to execute efficient matching algorithms for user
requests to route them to appropriate suppliers based on priority or
other attributes. Several suppliers can be organized into "service
groups" or supplier networks (for example inter library loan networks,
or publishers/aggregators), several responsible institutions can be
assigned to a library (for delivering materials from alternative supply
paths, for example printed or online material for different user
groups), and several items can be assigned to a library (for multiple
exemplars of a manifestation, which corresponds to the FRBR item model).
Under the abstract model of an item, I have subsumed the library's
remote access to an online resource.

Currently I am busy with joining the holdings of
Hochschulbibliothekszentrum (hbz), Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB), and the
license information database of Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek
(EZB) into a service model which fits nicely into FRBR item model
(RDA/Bibframe) and german inter library loan landscape. Later on, more
library catalogs will be integrated as well, for implementing an
extended mode of inter library loan request routing to physical items
and online access to electronic material (next-generation inter library

Unfortunately, there is no document or RDF ontology currently available
of my work, because I am focused on implementing ready-to-run search
engine cluster based aggregation algorithms, but I think I can provide
this on request if I get some time. The most important feature is to
completely pick up all available library holdings information from
traditional formats (MAB 077/088, MAB-Lokal, MARC 21 holdings, EZB XML)
but transfer them into a new semantic context. The currently running ILL
network order and delivery system at hbz will be seamlessly enhanced by
search engine technology that can use this new context information.

>From what I understand, this is quite different from the task of this
working group.

Nevertheless, I am very interested in discussions and the outcome of
this DINI KIM AG and I am looking forward for new ideas and insights to
improve library services from the viewpoint of the patron.

Best regards, 


Jörg Prante
hbz, Gruppe Portale
- Digitale Bibliothek und Online-Fernleihe -
Postfach 270451, 50510 Köln, Deutschland
Telefon +49-221-40075-156, Fax +49-221-40075-190
prante at hbz-nrw.de

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