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Jakob Voß voss at gbv.de
Tue Apr 16 14:09:47 CEST 2013


We are working on a simple (library) holdings ontology and/or data 
format within the German "DINI-KIM AG Bestandsdaten". I put you in CC 
because of relations to your work on Memento/Museumdat/LIDO.

On 16.04.2013 13:21, Klee, Carsten wrote:

> Julia Hauser told me about a question raised in the Titeldaten-Group
> about our perspective towards the scope of holdings and if we're only
> going to concentrate on library data.
> As for me our approach should not exclude other data than library
> holdings data. If we are going to stick to a model similar to DAIA,
> we'll be on a good side, I think. In my opinion like DAIA "consists
> of abstract documents, concrete holdings of documents, and document
> services [...]" a Holdings Ontology should too.
> I'm interested in your opinion about this.

One should be able to express private collections as well as 
institutional holdings. For instance the Friend of a Friend (FOAF) 
ontology includes the concept of an foaf:Agent which can be a Person, an 
Organization or a Group.

In addition to individuals as owners or providers of holdings, one can 
find use-cases for instance with museum objects. I only had a quick look 
at museum data formats museumdat [1] and LIDO [2] - it looks like the 
"Custody/Repository Location" element in these formats could partly be 
mapped to holding information. Museum objects might be interesting also 
because they can be lend to other exibitions, so the current location of 
an object may not directly be connected to the owner. I added Carlos 
Saro, Regine Stein, and Monika Hagedorn-Saupe to this reply - they might 
be interested to contribute to a simple holding ontology from the Museum 
point of view.

Another special use case is the expression of digital holdings, for 
instance archived copies of websites, as held by the Internet Archive. 
Herbert Van de Sompel created the Memento framework [3] for this purpose 
- a part of Memento may be mapped to a combined holdings format as well.


[1] http://www.museumdat.org/index.php?ln=en
[2] http://www.lido-schema.org/
[3] http://www.mementoweb.org/guide/rfc/ID/

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