[Dini-ag-kim-bestandsdaten] How to model holding record data?

Klee, Carsten Carsten.Klee at sbb.spk-berlin.de
Wed Nov 6 09:26:57 CET 2013

Hi everyone!

After publishing a first draft for the Holding Ontology [1], I'm trying to see how our data fits into the ontology. Here's my first example in Turtle [2], RDFXML [3] and JSON-LD [4] all generated from MARC records with MARC2RDF [5].

Furthermore I also like to transport the typical holding record information, like the date of creation and revision of the holding record. 

What I'm imagining is something like:

$Item dcterms:description $HoldingRecord .
    a dcterms:BibliographicResource ;
    dcterms:created "2003-04-10" ;
    dcterms:modified "2009-12-22" .

Is this good practice? I think this should not be part of the Holding Ontology, right?



[1] <http://dini-ag-kim.github.io/holding-ontology>
[2] <https://github.com/dini-ag-kim/holding-ontology-examples/blob/master/zdb_hld_10.ttl>
[3] <https://github.com/dini-ag-kim/holding-ontology-examples/blob/master/zdb_hld_10.xml>
[4] <https://github.com/dini-ag-kim/holding-ontology-examples/blob/master/zdb_hld_10.jsonld>
[5] <https://github.com/cKlee/MARC2RDF>

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