[Dini-ag-kim-bestandsdaten] Re: New wiki pages and Google Spreadsheet

Voß, Jakob Jakob.Voss at gbv.de
Fri Apr 19 15:36:12 CEST 2013

Carsten Klee wrote:

> I added a page with the question "What is a Holding?" [2]. Till now there is only one definition from ISO 20775, which is quite a library definition. Maybe we can come to a more abstract one.

This is my definition:
A holding is a particular copy of a document that is held by, provided and/or made available by someone.

This definition is based on the concept of a "document" which has been addressed by Buckland (1997) - I doubt that further analysis of this term will bring us closer to a consensus. The core of a holding ontology should be in the second concept "particular copy of" and in the third concept "held by, provided and/or made available by". In the most simplest case, the holding ontology could consists of nothing bot two properties for these two concepts.

> Under [3][4] I added a public Google Spreadsheet where everyone have access to. 

The spreadsheet is write-protected and the DNB wiki requires an account (I had a wiki account but I forgot the password long ago and there is no may to request a new password).


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