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Thu Apr 18 09:48:42 CEST 2013

Hi everyone!

In the moment our group is forming and we trying to figure out on what to concentrate. I think this is the time to toss in all ideas and see what we've got.

Later the work is going to be more structured, I promise.

I just want to have your opinion on my ideas towards an ontology 'Bestandsverlauf'. Sorry for the use of a German term. But honestly I couldn't figure out a comprehensive English term for that.

First you might take a look at my first steps [1][2] which is a very dirty collection of triples, describing what I want to express. I'll document this more nicely in the wiki later.

What is a Bestandsverlauf? Like the description says: "The description of holdings of a Periodical by an institution." (Maybe it should be agent not institution??).

My idea is that one could state:

:Holding :hasBestandsverlauf <http://bestandsverlauf-uri-space.foo/v1/b1858;/v6/b1863/V2/E1871;/v7/b1878/80>

So a Bestandsverlauf URI Space (a hypothetical linked data service) might return a resource of the class Bestandsverlauf, like described in the ontology:

    a :Bestandsverlauf ;
    :hasSubBestandsverlauf [
        <http://bestandsverlauf-uri-space.foo/v1/b1858> ;
        <http://bestandsverlauf-uri-space.foo/v6/b1863/V2/E1871> ;
    ] .
and further ...

    a :Bestandsverlauf ;
    :hasBeginVolumeNumbering "6" ;
    :hasBeginTemporal "1863" ;
    :hasEndVolumeNumbering "2" ;
    :hasEndTemporal "1871" .

I got the idea with the URI Space when I found Ian Davis' Gregorian Calendar URI Space [3]. The problem this approach is trying to solve is to prevent blank nodes, e.g. when one has to do it this way:

:Holding :hasBestandsverlauf [
    _:blank1 ;
    _:blank2 ;
    _:blank3 .
_:blank1 :hasBeginVolumeNumbering "1" .
_:blank1 :hasBeginTemporal "1858" .
_:blank2 :hasBeginVolumeNumbering "6" .
_:blank2 :hasBeginTemporal "1863" .
_:blank2 :hasEndVolumeNumbering "2" .
_:blank2 :hasEndTemporal "1871" .
_:blank3 :hasBeginVolumeNumbering "7" .
_:blank3 :hasBeginTemporal "1878/80" .

Somebody might prefer it this way. But the Bestandsverlauf ontology is not necessarily bound to a URI Space service.

A caveat might be that long running Bestandsverläufe (plural of Bestandsverlauf) with many gaps can cause very long URIs. But I think that they can be splitted and maybe that is a better solution at all:

:Holding :hasBestandsverlauf [
    <http://bestandsverlauf-uri-space.foo/v1/b1858> ;
    <http://bestandsverlauf-uri-space.foo/v6/b1863/V2/E1871> ;
    <http://bestandsverlauf-uri-space.foo/v7/b1878/80> .

It would be nice to have your input on this.



[1] <http://www.vocabs.org/term/Bestandsverlauf>
[2] <http://www.vocabs.org/term/Bestandsverlauf?format=ttl>
[3] <http://vocab.org/placetime/interval/gregorian/>
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