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Do Dez 19 13:15:08 CET 2019

Greetings, and happy holidays.

Apologies to those who receive this message on multiple lists.

The agenda for the asynchronous RSC meeting<http://www.rda-rsc.org/sites/all/files/RSC-Public%20Agenda-205-214.pdf>, to be held 6-9 January 2020, has been posted on the RSC website.

Three papers associated with agenda items being discussed have also been posted and are linked from the agenda.

  *   String encoding schemes in RDA Toolkit<http://www.rda-rsc.org/sites/all/files/String%20encoding%20schemes%20in%20RDA%20Toolkit%20Dunsire.pdf>
  *   RDA content elements<http://www.rda-rsc.org/sites/all/files/RDA%20Content%20elements%20followup.pdf>
  *   RDA content elements Appendix<http://www.rda-rsc.org/sites/all/files/RDA%20Content%20elements%20appendices.pdf>
Community feedback on these papers via your regional representative<http://rda-rsc.org/rsc-members> is most welcome.

Best -- Linda

Linda Barnhart
Secretary, RDA Steering Committee
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