[Metafacture] copy / use of complex xml structures with Metamorph

Guenter Hipler guenter.hipler at unibas.ch
Mon Jan 12 22:22:10 CET 2015

Dear list,

Is there a way to copy complex xml structures as part of a metamorph 

You can find my complete example in 

input.xml contains structured xml-tags. The aim is to select a key / 
value pair where the value is not only a single value as with
<data source="structuredtag.structuredtag1.singletag.value" 
in the outputfile  but the complete structure
<data source="structuredtag" name="newNameOfStructure"/>
would create the key "newNameOfStructure" with the "structured value" 
(an entity in Metamorph datamodel)
<singletag>value of single tag</singletag>

Actually I get only the empty element
<newNameOfStructure />

Background for my question:
As we (Christoph, Pascal) talked at swib about it, I would like to use 
Metafacture for the document processing of our Search-Engine (SOLR). 
Currently we are using XSLT transformations with Java-Plugins for 
special tasks (Enrichment, de-duplication etc.)
Beside single document fields we store most of the complete marc-xml 
structure and the complete holdings-structure as part of the 
search-document so we are able to use this information in our 
presentation logic. In xslt this can be easily done with the 
<xsl:copy-of> task
Compare [1] [2] [3] as examples for such a transformation.

With Metamorph for simplification (hopefully) I used the more general 
handle-generic-xmlmodule and not the specialized handle-marcxml decoder.
The nice Metamorph datamodel explanation by Christoph [4](section: 
"Darstellung von XML im Metamorph-Datenmodell") together with some 
debugging of the framework code by myself helped me to get to this point 
but now I have difficulties. In general I'm pretty sure it should be 
possible (I guess the new structure should be a new entity) but I don't 
see how it is really done with metamorph.
Thanks for any hint!



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