[Dini-ag-kim-bestandsdaten] Definition and scope of Holding

Jakob Voß voss at gbv.de
Tue May 21 14:19:21 CEST 2013


Philipp wrote:

> I like your picture, also I am not sure if your connections to Service
> are the only possibilities here. However, I think we should concentrate
> for the moment at the information not related to services. How about
> postpone these questions, because we need here certainly the opinion of
> Jakob Voß.

I also like Carsten's picture and description and I agree to concentrate 
on information not related to services - this can better be expressed 
with a remaining part of DAIA ontology and Document Service Ontology. So 
better remove the "service portfolio".

> What we could also add as general information is the status of item in
> the library: ordered, in-house, in-acquisition, ready, missing, ...

Yes but we should take care not to introduce to much implicit 
assumptions about these status - they may be handled very differently 
among institutions. Without a clear definition and explanation terms 
such as "ready" or "in-house" are rather fuzzy.

We should also clarify whether such status imply anything on services 
and on the relation between Item and Agent. For instance is a missing 
Item still held by its Agent (I'd say so)? How do we find out the most 
used and most relevant of these status?

By the way status might also be encoded as sub-property of holds/heldBy: 
for instance a document that has been ordered is held by an Agent in a 
special way. But first let's find out which status are relevant at all.

Carsten wrote:

> If we discard the "service portfolio" then the remaining scope of
> Holdings description would be:
> 1. general holdings information
> 2. current status

as long as this is not confused with availability

> (3. hooks)?

better give this another name, such as "relations to agents and documents".


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