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Hi everyone!

I would like to keep the discussion ongoing. Maybe we can discuss the definition and scope of a holding al little bit more.

Just a reminder: I created a wiki page [1] about the definition of a holding. Till now there is still one definition from the ISO 20775, which is very a library definition.

I would like to suggest another one, hoping this one is more abstract:

Holding: A description of one agents inventory and access information for a item or collection of items.

I chose 'agent' because of foaf:Agent [2], which subsumes Organisation, Group and Person. With 'inventory' I'm not sure, but the word 'holding' in a definition of 'holding' seems to be bad. Then I chose 'item' not 'document'. Item relates to frbr:Item [3] but I'm not totally sure about this.

Now about the scope of holding. Owen Stephens asked earlier if we're going "[...] represent solely the ownership of things by a library (or other organisation/person) or some other aspects (such as their current location which could include 'on loan to person X')".

I would like to suggest that we stick with the idea of micro-ontologies. Meaning: If possible and applicable move every complex aspect to another ontology. And I think the information 'on loan to person X' is such an aspect. But this is just my thought about this. As I said, maybe we can come to a discussion about it.



[1] <https://wiki.dnb.de/display/DINIAGKIM/Definition+of+Holding>
[2] <http://xmlns.com/foaf/spec/#term_Agent>
[3] <http://vocab.org/frbr/core.html#Item>
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