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Thu Apr 18 18:48:34 CEST 2013

Hi Carsten!

yes, you are right. That's why I think it's helpful to look at RDA's
chronology and numbering elements and refine them down to the item
level, in the aspect of library holding statements. In RDA, there are no
item elements in the core, such as holdings, acquisition details, access
information, distribution and usage restrictions, because it was
considered to better define them locally. 

In other words, for shared cataloging networks like ZDB or union
catalogs, which are relying on a common method to create holding
information, there is a chance to fill this gap with a recommendation
for item elements.

Best regards,


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18.04.2013 um 11.09
Uhr in Nachricht
<F92C45C191C9FB4281F352EB52DFA7AD08561C19 at>:
> I took a quick look at the RDA translation (thanks for the link). As
> understood this has nothing to do with holdings but with the
> within the WEMI levels. Or am I mistaken? Isn't it rather a
> description of an item or manifestation, like "this work begins with
> volume number 8 in the year 1999"? But not the information about the
> of an institution of this work/expr./man./item?

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