[Ag-provenienz] Aufruf zur Mitarbeit in neuen RSC Working Groups

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Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

gerne leiten wir Ihnen den untenstehenden Aufruf zur Mitarbeit in den geplanten neuen Arbeitsgruppen des RDA Steering Committee weiter. Für Fragen können Sie sich gerne an die RSC Secretary Linda Barnhart<mailto:RSCSecretary at rdatoolkit.org> oder an Renate Behrens<mailto:r.behrens at dnb.de> wenden.

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Arbeitsstelle für Standardisierung

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The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) is in the process of creating four new Working Groups to support the improvement of the RDA standard and invites expressions of interest to join these groups from those who have expertise.

Each Working Group will be active in 2022 and 2023 as a two-year, task-and-finish assignment. Each Working Group is intended to have international membership.

If you have an interest in any of the following areas, please send an email message with a brief summary of the expertise or experience you might bring to the working group to the RSC Secretary at rscsecretary at rdatoolkit.org<mailto:rscsecretary at rdatoolkit.org>. Specific details about the assignments will be provided in the charges to the groups, which are still being polished.

•       Extent Working Group
      This group will review the elements that use measurements, primarily the Manifestation extent and dimensions elements, in conjunction with the extensive work that was done on this topic over the last decade in the context of the original Toolkit.

•       Official Languages Working Group
      This group will examine the concept of “official language” for corporate bodies in RDA.

•       Place/Jurisdiction Working Group
      This group will examine the concepts of place and jurisdiction (corporate body) and their associated definitions and instructions in RDA, building on work done in 2014 by the Technical Working Group and in 2015 by the Places Working Group.

•       Religions in RDA Working Group
      This group will review the guidance and instructions in all RDA entities and make recommendations to move RDA toward unbiased and inclusive treatment of world religions. A specific and more immediate goal is to expand the non-Christian coverage in RDA, and to that end, the RSC is particularly looking to include members with expertise in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism.

The RSC will evaluate the potential membership for each group and will appoint members based on their knowledge, expertise, and the contribution they are able to make to the group. RSC Working Groups will do their work online through tools provided by ALA Publishing, such as Basecamp and GoToMeeting, and are not expected to meet in person.  Access to RDA Toolkit will be provided. Contact the RSC Secretary with any questions.

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